The Moon and More Cover Reveal (!!)

I got a newsletter this morning saying that USA Today revealed the cover for Sarah Dessen’s newest novel, The Moon and More. This was enough to reel me in, but then in her newsletter the fabulous Miss Dessen also announced that with the cover there is an excerpt of the first chapter of the novel. It took me less than five minutes to decide to read it then and there. You may insert some sort of excitement .gif here.

the moon and more

Based on what was posted I know Sarah Dessen has done it again, for me at least. It’s no secret to anyone that I’m a super fan of Sarah Dessen’s books so it should be obvious that I like this excerpt. I do have some woes, though.

I was cruising the Goodreads discussion boards the other day and someone mentioned the similarities between all of Sarah Dessen’s books. In a nutshell they were saying the plot lines are all mostly the same with a troubled girl who finds an equally (or less so) troubled boy who she hits it off with. There’s a tragedy, the girl and boy fight for some time, and then by the end it’s happily ever after-ish.

I’ll admit I was a little offended when I first saw the post. That feeling was quickly followed by one of “Oh, my god… they’re kind of right!” to one of “Eh, I love her books.”. All of these feelings were ultimately cast aside for one last feeling. My sentiments about Sarah Dessen and her books are, as of right now, “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” So that is that.

But still, I thought it was an interesting topic definitely considering she’s a very successful author and continues to be. If you look at any one author I think you’ll find similarities in all their novels as well. I don’t think this is due to poor planning or a lack of talent, but more the type of books they are writing… what genre they fall under. The mystery will always be solved just as the person coming of age will grow up. How they get there is never the same, even if the plot is similar.

Now that I’ve gone totally off the topic I meant to stay on: I’m seriously wondering how other people feel about the release of the cover and excerpt for The Moon and More. Is anyone else as excited as I am? Because I’m pretty freaking excited.

Click here to read the beginning of The Moon and More.
Click here to see the discussion that spawned my ramblefest.


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