Review: Let it Snow – John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle

Holiday Review!!

let it snowTitle: Let it Snow: Three Christmas Romances
Author: John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle
Published: October 1, 2008
Opening Sentence: “It was the night before Christmas.”
Author Website (Green), (Johnson), (Myracle) | Goodreads | Amazon

Sparkling white snowdrifts, beautiful presents wrapped in ribbons, and multicolored lights glittering in the night through the falling snow. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic haven, the kind you see only in movies. Well, kinda. After all, a cold and wet hike from a stranded train through the middle of nowhere would not normally end with a delicious kiss from a charming stranger. And no one would think that a trip to the Waffle House through four feet of snow would lead to love with an old friend. Or that the way back to true love begins with a painfully early morning shift at Starbucks. Thanks to three of today’s bestselling teen authors—John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle—the magic of the holidays shines on these hilarious and charming interconnected tales of love, romance, and breathtaking kisses.

I love short stories. And I really like short story collections that are still connected to one another despite being separate stories. Alas, I don’t see many of them and especially not in the Young Adult genre. So you can imagine my stoked-ness (har har) when I found just that type of collection and by three authors I like, too. I was so happy the three stories are actually connected and not just “connected”.  I was afraid it was going to be three people that are attached in some weird way (friend of a friend of a friend OR two people who had the same barista at the coffee shop but never actually encountered each other, or something) that doesn’t affect the ending at all, but rest easy, my friends. They all matter in the big picture.  (I’ll try to stop saying the word “stories” now. Stories.)

The Jubilee Express (Maureen Johnson): So, we all miss Christmas with our family at some point for some reason or another, but I really think Jubilee takes the cake for most interesting reason. This poor girl just wants to have a normal Christmas and nothing is working out for her. I loved this story so much. It’s super cute and Christmas-y, but that didn’t overshadow the struggles she was having with her everyday life (and lame boyfriend, bleck). And Stuart is so sweet. It’s so easy to make someone seem too nice, but Stuart was great. It seems all the other characters felt the same way.

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle (John Green): Can we take a moment to appreciate the title of this story? So wonderful. Anyway, I felt like I was laughing and gasping in horror throughout this entire story. Dear god, is it that important to get to the Waffle House… during a blizzard? Crazy people, I swear. Still, I can totally see a group of teenagers making something like hanging out with cheerleaders (and eating hash browns!) into a big debacle… erm… I mean adventure. I almost died reading Keun’s monologue about the significance of fourteen cheerleaders in a Waffle House. Of course, most of the story takes place on the way to said Waffle House rather than inside it.

The Patron Saint of Pigs (Lauren Myracle): I sort of feel bad for Addie.  I know she made mistakes, but the people she’s close to were being sort of harsh in a lot of this story. I know we didn’t get to see what happened before it began, but, man, everyone was railing on her and totally moody. I can’t decide if it’s just the way Addie perceived things or how it really was, but the answer changes how I feel about the story a bit. As the other two stories were, this one is cute. I do believe it’s a bit heavier than the rest, but oh, man, by the end I was about melting from the cuteness. Of course, this is the story where everything is wrapped up and all the characters from all the stories mesh together.

I loved the way all three stories came together in the end. I don’t think it was too obvious how things were going to morph. It was actually rather casual and I didn’t even realize it was happening until the characters started to put the pieces together for me. All in all, I really enjoyed reading this book and feel it was more than worth the time it took to read, though I don’t know that I’ll choose to read it again before a couple years have passed. It was good the first time, but I think it would drag the second time around if read too soon. (Don’t get your knickers in a twist. This is just how I feel.) I definitely recommend it as a cute and funny holiday read, though. I’m glad I took the time to read this one.

Shout out to the most amazing out of context sentence ever. It goes:

“It’s ridiculous,” I finally said, after I almost fell over as I tried to dodge an imaginary paparazzo. “My parents are in jail. Over a ceramic Santa house.”

Rating: 3 of 5 stars


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