In My Mailbox (24) / Stacking the Shelves (18)

In My Mailbox (hosted by The Story Siren, temporarily at The Mod Podge Bookshelf) and Stacking the Shelves (hosted by Tynga’s Reviews) are weekly memes in which bloggers share the books they buy, borrow, and receive.

imm 24-1

imm 24-2


Changeless by Gail Carriger
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler — I’ve had this book on hold at my library since, like, March. I’m excited to finally have it… I just hope I can read it before it has to be returned.

For Review:

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan


Queen & Commander by Janine A. Southard (via The Readventurer, thanks!)

I also got some photography books from the library, which is cool. I checked out one that I’ve borrowed a million times just because I really like it. And then there’s another one full of nice photos of cats and France and stuff. I know it sounds super cat-lady… but it’s really not. (Well, not really.)

Forgive me for not posting much (and usually memes) lately. My personal life, while not suuuper busy, has been quite tiring and I keep forgetting to post on the blog. Sorry, sorry. Anyway, it’s the middle of summer and way too hot to use a computer during the day, so I’ve been online less and less. Hopefully this will blow over within a few weeks so I can catch up on reviews and whatnot. (I mean, seriously, you guys. I am SO behind on reviews. I’m considering not writing some of them because it’s been so long since I read the books. Like, I have Bout-of-Books reviews that I’ve still not written. SIGH.)

P.S. You should vote on my poll in the sidebar. I’m terribly indecisive. *big smile*

17 thoughts on “In My Mailbox (24) / Stacking the Shelves (18)

  1. I’ve heard really good things about that Gail Carriger series. A coworker of mine has raved about it. Anyway, enjoy your books. I understand about being so busy. That was how June was for me.

    Anyway, happy reading 🙂

    1. Yeah, I really liked the first book. I haven’t started Changeless yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’m excited for the second book in her YA series to come out too. I wasn’t super in love with the series while I was reading the first book, but I keep thinking about it. That’s why I started the adult series. …I feel like that was probably confusing. Sorry! haha.

  2. Hi I am participating in Stacking the Shelves this week and you are next in line from me on the linky thing . I know I have a hard time catching up on reading and reviewing too. There are so many books to read and it takes time but so does being on the computer Alas! The computer is a thief of time.

  3. I hope the weather becomes more pleasant for you soon. I have this habit of writing my review as soon as I finish a book and before beginning the next. Sometimes I change my mind later after giving the book more thought but most of the time my first impressions stay.

    Please come see what I added to my stacks at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

    1. Lately I’ve been trying to write my reviews soon after finishing the book. It’s helped a bit, but I’m still trying to go back and write the older reviews. I feel like this will never stop being a problem. Haha. Thanks for stopping by (:

  4. Yay, I’m going to read Counting by 7s soon! So excited! Also, ooh Z! I haven’t read it yet but always thought it sounded interesting. I hope you can read it before it has to be returned too!

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