Review: The Blue-Eyed General – Rebecca Inman

The Blue-Eyed General Rebecca Inman

Title: The Blue-Eyed General
Author: Rebecca Inman
Publication Date: October 24, 2013
Source/Format: For Review / eARC
Opening Sentence: “I’m not supposed to get angry.”
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Jed’s dead. These are the words that transform seventeen year old Cecelia Rivermire’s quiet life into a manhunt. A manhunt to kill the man that murdered her only friend. A manhunt to kill the man that murdered her first love. In this quest for revenge, however, she’ll soon discover that everything she’s ever known has been a lie, including everything she thinks she knows about herself…

Set in a world where a dictator’s word is gospel, rebellion looms, and science and superstition collide with devastating consequences, The Blue-Eyed General follows Cecelia as she strives for her vengeance. Though the man she hunts is an extremely illusive figure, and she finds herself hunted by her own tyrannical Emperor, she’s confident that taking her revenge should be easy. After all, she’s no ordinary girl. With incredible strength, speed, and otherworldly blue eyes, she’s a beautiful enigma; but none of that can protect her from the terrifying places that her journey will take her to, and nothing on Gaia can prepare her for the horrible truths that she’ll learn about herself. By the time she’s done, Cecelia will wish that she’d left the past undisturbed.

With tensions and treason, madness and murder, romance and revelation, for the blue-eyed general, revenge really is only the beginning…

Looking at the cover for The Blue-Eyed General by Rebecca Inman I don’t think it’s a book I’d have been drawn to by myself. I favor contemporary and paranormal a lot. And while I do read quite a bit of dystopian and fantasy this book is different from what I’m used to. Different, though, can be good.

The entire world and plot of The Blue-Eyed General is so different from other books I’ve read. It may be because this book is somewhat out of my range, but it’s a concept I’ve never heard of in this way. There’s nothing really new, but the way everything is brought to the table makes the story intriguing all the same. It’s a classic story of revenge, but revenge isn’t the only topic and, in fact, it sometimes takes a seat on the backburner.

Keeping on with the subject, I think it’s important to tell you that, for the most part, I don’t really get surprised while reading stories. I’m pretty good at guessing what’s going to happen. Inman kind of shocked the hell out of me near the end of her novel. There was a twist I felt like I should have anticipated but I know I never would have. It was so subtly setup that it never crossed my mind seriously. Like, I was straight up flabbergasted. Yes, you heard me. Flabbergasted. Which is good, because I did end up guessing a different part correctly. No matter. 1) I wanted what happened to happen. 2) What happens now? I have no idea.

I’m very impressed by The Blue-Eyed General. From the moment I started reading the sample of this novel I knew I had to ask for a full copy. I had a ton of fun reading it and can’t wait for the sequel. This is definitely one to give a shot.

Rating: 3.5/4 of 5 stars


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