I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m in a massive reading slump. Like, no kidding, guys. I think this is the worst slump I’ve been in… ever. I’ve been blaming it on The Fault in Our Stars–because it shattered my heart and soul and my entire existence–but eventually a slump hits a certain point where you start wondering if it’s less because of a book hangover and more because personal thoughts and feelings are getting in the way. That’s where I am.

Man! That was so melodramatic. Honestly, I just really haven’t been wanting to read for a long time (like months) and blogging has sort of been shoved to a back burner as well. I also want to spend more time on my photography and writing and just other things in life.

In case you haven’t gathered: I’m taking a break. I’m going on hiatus. Even as I’m writing this I don’t know that it’s actually going to work. I explained a bit in my 2014 goals post that it’s usually when I choose to take a break that I am thrusted back into reading and blogging… but this time, guys, I really need a break.

Am I leaving forever? Definitely not. This is, in fact, more of a semi-hiatus because 1) Bout of Books is still going. I’ve been doing pretty horribly at this readathon, but I intend to continue updating my post and finish it. 2) I already have some things sorted out and I would still like to post them/participate in them.

Anyway, I feel like I’m making a bigger deal about this than is called for. It may not be too big of a deal for you guys, but it is for me. I’ve been blogging here at Lisa Likes Books for over a year and have never planned an absence before… so it’s kinda weird.

I’ll still be active on Twitter and Goodreads, because I mean… come on. How could I not?

I love and appreciate everyone who takes the time to read one or all of my blog posts. Thank you, thank you ❤


7 thoughts on “Semi-Hiatus

  1. Slumps suck. But I guess in a way they’re good for you too, in the whole renewing-your-love-for-books-kind-of-way. I hope that you get out of it really soon, because I really enjoy your blog and seeing what you’re reading and such. Do what you gotta do. I’ll see you on the flip side. (hopefully soon)

  2. I can understand why you’re going on your semi-hiatus.
    Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and that time and effort could be put into something else. When I started my summer break in November, I decided that I was going to write a lot in my book. Have I? No. I think I wrote about 1000 words at the beginning of my break. I find that I am putting my time into blogging. Writing reviews, discussions, commenting. Reading the books for review. And then by the time all that is finished, my desire to sit for another few hours and write my book is diminished and all but absent. I’m kind of angry at myself for that. I could write AND THEN blog, but I always find myself doing the blogging part first.
    Who could ever leave Twitter and Goodreads behind? XD

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