Review: Me, Myself and Ike – K.L. Denman

Me Myself and Ike K.L. Denman

Title: Me, Myself and Ike
Author: K.L. Denman
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Publication Date: October 1, 2009
Source/Format: Personal Library / Paperback, 192 pages
Opening Sentence: “The men are weary.”
Author Website | Goodreads | Amazon

After watching a TV program about Otzi, a 5,000-year-old Ice Man, Kit’s friend Ike becomes convinced that Kit’s destiny is to become the next ice man–a source of information for future generations. Together they obtain artifacts they think will accurately reflect life in the early twenty-first century and plan their journey to a nearby mountain. Kit gets tattoos similar to Otzi’s, writes a manifesto and tries to come to terms with making the ultimate sacrifice. As he grows more and more agitated and isolated, his family and friends suspect that something is terribly wrong, but before they can discover the true severity of the situation, Kit and Ike set off on what could be their last journey.

I’ve been super excited to read Me, Myself and Ike (I hate that there’s no Oxford comma!) for a really long time. I just so happened to see a copy at my library’s annual giveaway and snatched it up.

I knew from the get-go that this book was about mental illness, but I had no idea what kind of illness. Unfortunately I ran into a spoiler in a synopsis I read, so the whole plot of the book was kind of ruined for me. Still, the story was definitely a good one and totally worth reading even though I knew what was up.

The most enjoyable thing by far was how IN the main character’s head the reader is. There was basically no detachment. Everything he thought and perceived is exactly what the reader got. It definitely made reading this book an almost immersive experience. I’d say the downside to that, though, was how challenging it was to get to know the main character; his head was never 100% there, so neither is the reader.

So, yeah, the plot was spoiled for me, but I still really enjoyed reading Me, Myself and Ike. It’s an interesting look into mental illness and a pretty good male point of view as well. Definitely one to check out.

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars


2 thoughts on “Review: Me, Myself and Ike – K.L. Denman

  1. This seems like a really good story to get into, especially since you mentioned that it would seem like you’re inside the main character’s head. And yes, an Oxford comma would’ve made the title grammatically correct. LOL! 😀

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