Life of a Blogger (2): Handwriting

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted at Novel Heartbeat. It lets me be conceited without seeming conceited. (Kidding! Kinda.)

This week’s topic: Handwriting

I’ve been pretty excited to do this topic. I love it when I can write things with a pen and paper. This writing sample is a little misleading. My writing varies so much. It depends on what pen I’m using, what paper, how I’m feeling, how much space I have… everything. One day it might look completely different from the day before. Also, I was trying to be as normal with my writing as I could, but I was still aware that it was for the internet to read, so… yeah.

loab handwriting

Oh, I forgot. So apparently I write weird. I have a hard time NOT dragging my hand while I write, so my words are usually a bit smeared/copied across the page because the side of my hand is always touching. I can’t help it. Also, a friend of mine once told me I kind of hover and circle my pen over the page right before I write. It’s not something I usually notice, but I definitely have caught myself doing it before. I don’t know! Haha.

9 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger (2): Handwriting

  1. My “the” looks exactly the same – most of the time people see it as “tle” and people always keep mentioning it! You have a really nice hand writing, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you! It changes so often. I feel like that photo is a little different from my usual writing because I was so aware of the fact people were going to be looking at it. Haha. Oh well.

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