Book haul!! A haul of books… For reading

A symptom of not reading books this past year was not really buying books either. That’s a really good thing for my wallet, but it was pretty sad for my inner bookworm. Walking into a book store and not feeling any particular joy or pull to buy anything is discouraging. I would spend a good amount of time in book stores wondering where the spark went and if it would ever come back. I’m still not reading much, but I’m trying. My inner bookworm is trying to break through again. The rest of me is treading lightly so as not to scare her to her pit again.

God, what am I even talking about?! 😳

Anyway, these past couple months I bought all the books because I could. Book Outlet was having a Boxing Day sale (we don’t even do that in the USA) so I managed to pick up ten books for like thirty dollars. Yeah! And then the other books were picked up here and there.


Lair of Dreams / Pretty Crooked / Rebel Angels / Another Little Piece / Storm / Don’t Turn Around / Perfect Ruin / You and Me and Him / The Bone Season / Salvage / Graffiti Moon / Landline / The Paradox of Vertical Flight / I Capture the Castle / Bunheads / Ashes to Ashes / Operation Red Jericho / The Amazing Book is Not on Fire

I think for this whole photo of books I paid probably eighty dollars, give or take. 😱 $80?!?!!? But legit for this many books that’s amazing. Now the goal is to not let them sit on my TBR. Also to find space to put them. I’m being a good girl and getting rid of some books that I’ll probably not get to in the next year and I’m gonna rearrange my bookshelves too… Because I can. 😂😂

Have a good day!!!


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