About the Youtube Thing + A Wrap Up (Kinda)

So, you guys totally remember me wondering if I should post my Youtube videos on this blog, right? Just in that last post I made? Well, I figure this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it… so yeah. Youtube videos. Here. And also chatty blog posts like normal most likely; because I have a fondness for random blog posts and the such.



I have been so bad at reading lately, and with my life getting increasingly busy I don’t actually know how much reading, vlogging (is that how you spell vlogging?), or blogging I’m going to be doing.

Also, would you guys be interested in helping me pick books? Like I present a few options and you guys tell me if you like them or if they seem interesting to YOU or whatever? With my inability to get myself to read, I feel like maybe getting other people into the mix will make me more excited for it. I like that idea anyway, so I might do it a couple times and see what happens. Help me choose books! Haha. I’ll come back to that later.

I hope you guys are having a good day. <333


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